As a feminist, I hold certain beliefs and values. I work everyday to uphold those values and personify those beliefs; one way of doing so is being a part of the Women’s March. I have many reasons that I march and each one is just as important as the next.

First, I march because I was my single mother taught me to be proud of how impactful an independent woman can be. She taught me to be able to take care of myself and not feel the need to rely on anyone but how can I really be expected to fulfill that when I make seventy-nine cents on the dollar compared to the man standing next to me doing the same job?

Second, I march because we are still living in a society that raises kids with the idea that “boys will be boys,” and Johnny picking on Susie means he likes her. I’m sorry but no. That is why it is so hard for women to leave abusive relationships, they are engrained with the idea that men being abusive– physically, mentally, or emotionally– is a sign of affection and that’s wrong, plain and simple.

Third, I march because as a minor in public school my body was sexualized to the point that I couldn’t wear specific clothing because it was distracting to my male peers’ education. You know what messages that sends young girls? It says that, one, they should be ashamed of their bodys and need to be covered, and, two, boys’ education is more valuable since we are catering to their needs. Neither statement is true.

Fourth, I march because someday I want to be a mother. I want to have daughters  and I don’t want to have to worry that they might be attacked while out with friends because some man was raised to think he gets what he wants.

I march because the issue is with the systematic way men are raised by society and the issue is with the fact that society is raising them to think with the head between their legs instead of the one on their shoulders.

Everyday that I wake up, I am marching. I will continue to march until I’m either in the ground, or the problems are solved.

And I don’t see the latter happening anytime soon.